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    One of the biggest pain points of advertisers I’ve found is making sure they stay on the good side of big blue (Facebook) and Google.

    This video although created specifically for facebook compliance covers many of the things ole Google wants you to do as well.

    It’s quite short at 3 mins, and will save you countless hours trying to work this out yourself.. (I’ve spent 15 + hours combing through the interwebs getting all this information together + years learning from trial and error..)

    BTW have you ever fallen on the bad side of facebook? Account shutdowns, disapproved ads, etc.

    Post in the comments I’d love to know your experiences.

    P.S the 20% ad image text rule has changed slightly since I created this video, now you’re able to exceed it BUT it will limit your reach so best to stay under still 🙂

    Using this checklist will help make sure your advertising campaigns are compliant with Facebook™ most common policies and guidelines.

    • Include a link to your privacy policy
      Facebook™ wants to ensure that its users privacy concerns are addressed, by including a link to your privacy policy on your landing page users can see how their data will be used.
    • Your identity is clear
      People visiting your site should be able to immediately identify you. (logo, business name) and have a method of contacting you if they want (email, phone,address)
    • Text on ad images is less than 20%
      Facebook requires that any text on your ad images take up less than 20% of the total space. Use this tool to make you’re your images are compliant.
    • Videos don’t play automatically
      Videos should not automatically play without the users interaction.
    • Ads and landing pages are relevant to each other
      What you’ve said on your ad must be delivered on the landing page.
    • Landing page works
      Make sure that your landing page works on all browsers and doesn’t have any geographic I.P restrictions.
    • Page doesn’t prevent users from leaving
      Make sure there are no exit pops, or intrusive pop ups that come up whilst users are trying to view your page or when they want to leave.
    • You’re not promoting content banned by Facebook
      This means you’re not using politics, current events, fear based marketing, sexually suggestive content in your marketing. Images must be relevant (they aren’t gross, shocking, fearful or negative)
    • Copy doesn’t imply a users personal characteristics
      This includes race or ethnic origin, religion or philosophical belief, age, sexual orientation or sexual life, gender identity, disability or physical/mental health, financial status or information, membership in a trade union, criminal record, name.
    • Claims are substantiated
      Claims are backed up with references so that they may be verified.
    • Proper grammar is used.
      Words and symbols are used in the way they were intended to be used.

    Ultimately Facebook wants to keep their users happy and provide them with a positive

    experience, keep this in mind when creating your campaigns and you’ll be on the right track.