Professional Broadcasting Setup (using facebook live)

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    Ok so after my stream the other day it’s no surprise that I’ve had a barrage of messages, texts and email asking how the hell I managed to do that…

    Rather than spending the next 6 months replying, thought it might be easier to do a post showing you all how it’s done step by step.

    Now keep in mind there’s a million and one ways that this could be done…. what I’m going to be doing is showing you how I personally did it.

    In case you didn’t see the original post, here’s what I’m talking about.

    Part 1: Standard OBS setup

    Firstly my pal Ian Anderson Gray originally sparked the inspiration to start experimenting with facebook live…via his blog post and video.

      • Download and install a software called OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio).
      • Hit the button below to open up the facebook go live page. (Your browser may ask to allow pop ups).

    • Using the broadcast on facebook live button, select where you’d like to livestream to and copy your server url and stream key over to OBS settings.
    • Hit connect in OBS, then go live via the dialogue that opened up in the previous step.
    • Voila you’re now live!

    Part 2: Streaming with multiple presenters

    • Download and install the newest version of soundflower
    • Set up Soundflowers 2ch audio and multi output device.
      This video offers a great explanation of how:

    • Open up skype and add as a window source in OBS
    • Start your call
    • Publish to facebook as per part 1

    Voila! You’re now up and running as a facebook livestreaming pro…

    The possibilities with this are huge… we’re literally living in a time where a fast moving individual can compete with multinational corporates. I’m excited for the future and I hope this inspires you to be as well!