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Hi. I'm Jos Aguiar, Father, Ad Man & ADventurer

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"I help entrepreneurs to generate more leads for their business and grow their revenue by building killer sales funnels strategies."

Before you read any further allow me to tell you what I'm not.

I'm not some guru, I'm not an internet douche sipping lattes or telling you to 10x whilst sitting in my lambo dropping knawledge.

What I am is a regular guy who's developed a very specific skillset which I now use to help my friends (clients) in achieving their goals.

I get marketing, simply because I've spent a lot of time, energy in resources becoming really good and I'm still doing that each and every day.

Want these skills applied to your business? Let's chat and if we both gel we can makes some magic together.

Need help to get more sales?
Here is how I can help...

Google Ads

Facebook Ads


Sales Funnels

Marketing Strategy "A short strategy session with me results with a strong plan of action to generate more leads and more revenue for your business"

They booked a strategy session with me:

How does a strategy session helps you get more leads? It allows you to...

  • Get clarity on what's going on in your business and what's stopping you from generating leads & sales [and what are the steps to start generating some]

  • Identify the gaps in your business and how you can fill the gaps to have sales funnel that flows to generate leads on a recurring basis

  • Leave the call with a sales funnel flow showing you the steps have to take to generate more leads for your business

Implentation done for you or with you
Some samples of campaigns built for my clients through coaching or done-for-you services


Ready To Start Generating More Sales For Your Business? Let's Make It Happen Together!


These guys come highly recommended, since working with them for 3 months our conversions have doubled and the cost of our leads have actually halved

  • Rich T

    Food Delivery Company

With-in the first two days we got 120 leads and basically had to press stop on the campaign!

  • Scott E

    Financial Planner

The team were very responsive throughout the entire program, Conversions on the page have increased from 2.92% to 7.89% - a 270% increase in conversions! With his suggestions using live chat we captured an additional 200% improvement which reduced our cost per lead by HALF

  • David D

    Travel Agency