The not so common sense guide to marketing your business

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    In order to be truly effective at marketing your business you must take an approach that defies the common advice spouted by so called online marketing gurus.


    And focus on a scientific approach.


    Begin with gathering the raw materials.


    The facts about your market, the product/service itself and any anecdotes about it and the problems it solves in the lives of your ideal clients.


    Armed with this knowledge you can then start to create a strategy to effectively reach your market and take them down the journey towards becoming a customer.


    It’s now that you can start building what I refer to as the customer journey. I.e the typical path someone would take towards becoming a customer of yours.


    Choosing the marketing channels most appropriate for where your customers awareness is and where they’re likely to be in a state most receptive to your message. (hint: it’s not always Facebook Ads or Google AdWords)


    Then what kind of offer would work best at this point, it may start with some education or if it’s someone that’s at a stage of awareness that allows for a direct offer you might just need to give them the opportunity to speak to you or buy right then and there.


    E.g if you’ve got a plumbing issue you don’t want to know about the 6 step diagnoses process that your plumbers uses. You want your issue FIXED! And STAT!


    In fact I recently took this approach for another client in a services connection space, previous advice they’d been given was to focus on Facebook advertising. After understanding their market it was clear that this advice was flawed in that their market only wanted and needed what they had to offer during a very specific time in their lives (whilst moving houses) and only for a short window of time.


    The best path for them in this instance was to start with Google AdWords and use remarketing during that short window to improve the conversions.


    After this you refine, were there any parts in your process that the conversions could be improved. Any other messages that you could test to get a better response.


    You see marketing in itself isn’t difficult per se but it does require a discipline of approach in order to get the best results and of course tracking the results that you do get.


    In a less competitive market a sloppy approach will work to a degree but if you’re a true professional and want the best for your business as I’m sure many of you who have taken the time to read this far are then the only logical thing to do would be to adopt the mindset that provides you the best results possible.


    Not only for the sake of yourself, but that of your family, your employees and those that you come into contact with.


    See I view business as an incredible tool for change whether direct or indirect and in such it should be given the focus it deserves so that you can get the most out of it.


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