Lessons learnt from interviewing over 100 entrepreneurs from all walks of life

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    1. At no point will you ever feel you ‘made it’. If you’re like this you’ll feel the need to continually expand and grow in different ways.
    2. What may look easy on the outside is usually preceded by years of self development and honing of their craft.
    3. Not all entrepreneurs are the same, some are in it for lifestyle, others legacy. Neither is right or wrong they’re just different motivations.
    4. When scaling beyond yourself and heading towards larger revenue numbers CULTURE becomes extremely important. The wealthiest entrepreneurs I’ve spoken to put a huge emphasis on the culture and shared beliefs of those in their organisation.
    5. Every story has a link back to psychology; understanding of self, understanding of others and having the discipline to do what needs to be done.
    6. Those who’ve had sustained growth aren’t special or super gifted in any way, rather they’re consistent.
    7. There’s countless methods to grow a business, ideally once you have one method of growth working you should diversify as quickly as possible.
    8. Energy is your greatest asset, protect it and build up your reserves where you can. Exercise to ensure your body is better equipped.
    9. Look to understand principles rather then techniques, principals are adaptable and can used in a variety of circumstances. Techniques cannot.
    10. Add value to the lives of others, almost everyone I’d spoken to asked the question “How can I help you?” What does this tell you about them.
    11. It takes time to build anything of value, most people had at least a 3-4 year starting period where they learnt skills that helped them propel this was either in a different business or before things started to ‘click’. Most people will only see the moment they seemed to have made it overnight.
    12. Expect challenges, take them as an opportunity to grow.
    13. A lot of the time, your initial success will come from being prepared to take full advantage of an opportunity at the right time. This means honing your skills, networks and creating the environment in which those opportunities are able to present themselves.

    Hmmm writing this there’s a few things I need to work on personally.

    Which lesson would you say speaks to you the most at this point in time?