The 5 Micro-Moments To Hit With Your Messaging

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    Google recently announced that people now need between 21 to 24 touches before they are ready to buy. It used to be 9!

    For someone running a business this means that in order to command attention and position your product/service as the leading choice during their selection process you’ll need to create content that that addresses the questions they’ll be asking along their buying journey.

    What are the 5 Micro-Moments?

    1. Which or what is best moments? (Which product/service is best)
    2. Is it a fit for me?
    3. What’s the price & can I afford it?
    4. Where should I buy it? (What’s the source or manufacturer)
    5. Am I getting a deal?

    You want to own each of these moments as you’re thinking of your ads, messaging, content.

    The idea is to create content that addresses each of these moments as people transition through the buying cycle so that your brand is prominent throughout.

    This post was inspired by Roland Frasiers Podcast Episode on How to Be Everywhere That Your Customer is Looking on Business Lunch.