Stop… and think (this could be the best thing you do for your business in 2016)

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    Here’s a thought… STOP

    If you’re in business, stop chasing after the next method, the next productivity ‘hack’, the next gooooroooo launch.
    Just stop and think.

    Is what I’m about to do going to be beneficial for me AND my prospects/customers in the long run?

    I seriously fear people have lost the idea to think logically…
    “oh but guru x said that if I followed his 3 step formulae I’ll be a multi millionaire in no time”

    Ok, what they said might work (if they’re a genuine expert, so few are tbh… but that’s a topic for another day.)

    But here’s the thing it only works IF you’ve already done the logical path of thinking.

    What is it that your prospect really wants?

    Does your product deliver on that? (if not go back to the drawing board or you may be looking at the wrong prospects)

    How can I communicate the benefits and the value to them in a way that removes as much friction (reasons not to take action) and gets them to put their trust in you.

    Remember, people buy based on emotions NOT because you’ve followed some formulae that a guru said was THE way to do things…

    Forget funnels, start thinking about a logical sales process. And hell if you don’t fully understand your prospect, there’s this weird little thing called a telephone…. what you do is pick it up and dial someone that you know suits perfectly or has brought from you in the past…. it’s amazing the insights you’ll gain.

    Long story short……

    Use your minds people 🙂

    Much love to you all.