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    Ok so I’ve realised some people are still getting confused about Facebook’s pixels…

    Thought I’d write a quick post to help explain them a bit better.

    Firstly there’s two types of pixels

    1. Event Pixels
    2. Audience Pixels

    Event pixels are used to track events that happen on your webpages. e.g if someone opts in or buys a product.

    For event pixels there’s one base code that you use + event codes which you are able to add to track specific things.

    Audience Pixels are used to add people to “lists” within facebook so that you can either retarget them with your advertising or exclude them from non relevant campaigns. e.g you might want to show an ad that leads to an opt in page to people that have been to your blog. (retargeting) or you might want to exclude people who’ve opted in to a specific landing page already from seeing the same ad (exclusion)

    For audience pixels you can create as many as you need and have them set up with different advanced options.