How to Grow Your Personal Training Business With PPC Advertising.

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    The playing field for personal trainers has changed significantly in the last few years…

    With soo many new hopefuls entering the industry. It’s become somewhat saturated. That much we all know and it’s frustrating! How do you compete with all these new P.T’s pushing their services for cents on the dollar?

    Truth is in order to build that business that you’ve always dreamed about, where clients come to you on autopilot and people rave about your services you need to be a little different.. sure you could compete on price, but that will only bring in cheap, annoying clients and believe me you DON’T want that to happen.

    So how do we in 2015 get new personal training clients knocking on our doors (emails) 24/7?

    Simple Really!

    (Well with a bit of know-how)

    It’s a technique we call ppc advertising, essentially using the internet to market your services specifically to people you know want it!

    Who would have thought giving the people what they want would result in new clients? 😉

    But How…

    Well… there’s a few methods we use to get consistent results for our personal trainer and gym clients. One of which is facebook advertising.

    Now I’m sure you’ve heard or perhaps even thought that facebook advertising doesn’t work and that it’s only good to get ‘likes’ let me assure you right now that this is most certainly not the case.

    You seen when marketing your services through facebook, the first thing youNEED to make sure is that you’re marketing to the RIGHT people with an offer (something that you’re willing to give them) that they WANT!

    Let’s Break That Down

    Start with who: The first thing to consider when you start advertising online is who EXACTLY are you wanting to reach. Are they male or female, parents, do they work? Where do they work? What do they do in their free time?

    This is what we call building a Customer Avatar. The more precise you can be here the better results you will achieve with your marketing.

    Example: For a recent personal trainer client our discovery session revealed that her best clients were females in the local area between the ages of 25-35. They worked full time and liked to keep fit. They enjoy the comraderie of their peers and invest in thier fitness through apparel, shoes, supplements etc. Using this information we were able to know exactly who to target in our marketing and what to say.

    Creating an Irresistable Offer:
    Now that you know who you’re speaking the next step is in creating an offer that they simple can’t resist. This will totally depend on who you’re audience is, for some that may be a free trial for others it may be a download or information of some sort. The key here is to offer something of VALUE that persuades them to give you their contact information.

    From here you need to set up an advertisement and landing page. (I’ll cover this in another article…)

    Last but now least.. FOLLOW-UP:

    Ok, they’ve provided you with their contact details… now what? FOLLOW-UP that’s what!

    Time is of the essence my friends, when someone gives you their contact information online they’re most ready at that point in time… We help expediate this process using Auto-Responder Emails with tools like Aweber, Mailchimp &Active Campaign.

    After this follow them up with a quick phone call (if applicable to your campaign) and get them in to your gym or bootcamp ASAP!

    Using this method we have helped personal trainers and gym owners get hundreds of new members and clients.

    If you’d like help implementing this method in your own business,contact me right here on LinkedIn or Facebook.