6 Simple Camera Hacks To Get You Off AUTO Mode Forever

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    Credit: Photography Pro Youtube Channel

    1) Take Control Over Photo Brightness With Exposure Composition

         – Bright lighting = cheerful, dark lighting = moody

         – Press plus to increase brightness, minus to decrease

         – (On a Canon, “P” represents “Program” mode)

         – Press the “q” button in the back to access exposure composition

    2) Use ISO To Supercharge Your Low-Light Photography

         – Is a scale from 100-3200

         – Represents the camera’s ability to absorb light (higher ISO = more sensitive)

         – Also works with how well your camera responds to movement (in dark areas, 

          mostly) lower ISO will create blurry photos and a higher ISO results in sharper 


         – However, there is a trade off. Higher ISO creates reduced quality

          – Change the ISO by using a scroller on the top?

    3)  Use Aperture Priority to Blur the Background

         – How “soft” or “hard” the background is

         – Switch top mode dial to “AV”

         – If you have a zoom lense, make sure you zoom it in

         – A large aperture opening gives you a lot of background blur, whereas a small aperture opening gives you only a little background blur

         – Aperture is measured in f-stop

         – To get background blur, you should choose your lenses lowest f-stop 

    4) Use F8 Aperture to get the Best Overall Image Quality

         – Gives a lot of focus, especially useful for photographing groups of people at all


         – Use when there’s more than one person in a photo

    5) Capture Sharp Landscapes Using the Highest F-Stop Number

         – You may need to use a tripod in order to prevent blurry photos

    6) Use Shutter Priority for Stunning Photos of Moving Water

         – A fast shutter speed freezes fast-moving objects

         – A slow shutter speed makes fast moving objects blurry

         – Set your top dial to “TV”

         – For this type of photo, you should have a tripod or at least a stable platform like a chair

         – This type of photography works best in the early morning or late evening

         – Make sure your ISO is the lowest possible for slow shutter speed, and highest for fast shutter speed (and vice versa)