Are you running a business or a promotion?

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    It’s funny how what once seemed extraordinary become the norm..

    I spent some time looking through current campaigns for our fitness clients this morning.

    Each of them has had well over 100 people saying they wanted to try their services out in the last couple of weeks.

    As of just now, had a conversation with one of the gyms owners, awesome guy who really loves what he does.

    Conversation was around how he’s starting a new bootcamp program to capitalise on the sheer volume of leads.

    In addition to this we’ve developed a number of different offers to go out to his area.

    You see the above is all good and well, but if you’re building your business on a single offer you’re building on quicksand.

    What happens if the market shifts or people stop responding to your offer?…

    You’re in trouble that’s what.

    In the case of fitness marketing.

    We have several offers that we switch between so as not to fatigue them

    The same should apply to you regardless of what market you’re in.

    Even when you do have an offer that’s working well.

    Ask yourself these questions

    – What’s working about it?
    – What isn’t working?
    – How can it be improved?
    – Is there another segment of the market I can reach with a different offer?

    The aim of the game here is to pre-empt market conditions and to ensure you’re operating from a place where your lead flow is dependable.

    Till next time,