WTAF is local seo for small businesses ???

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    Truth be told until recently I had no idea what SEO was.

    I mean I understood a few things like relevancy and links and other jargon that the techheads use but in all honesty it didn’t fully click.

    I’d generally put it in the too hard basket or refer to friends who mastered this dark art.

    That is until multiple requests from clients, partners and friends to help them with SEO.

    So I did a bit of investigation.

    Rather than store this away in our private files I thought it would be more beneficial to share with you.

    What is SEO in a nutshell

    In short SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation, essentially it’s a way to influence where your page shows when people search google (and other search engines) for words related to your business.

    A couple thing to be aware of individual pages are what are being ranked in relation to other pages and other ranking factors which I’ll discuss below.

    Getting a baseline

    Before you can start to improve your results you need to know where you currently stand… to do this I like to use googles own ad preview tool to see how I rank for specific keywords when searched in a local area.

    Ranking Factors

    seo ranking factors

     Setting up the basics

    • Make sure your business Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) is across every page on your website and the same format is used in other places your business is referenced.
    • You’ll also want to use Rich Schema Markup on these details (fancy way of describing the code that google uses to understand what things are.) Learn more about it here.
    • Claim your local listing in Google My Business , local listings such as yelp, yellow pages and local review/directory sites
    • Get legitimate reviews from customers. I recommend using a page on your site like this.
    • Make sure your site is mobile friendly
    • Make sure your on page seo is set up like this.

    I’ve Done this, Now What?

    Ok great, you’ve done more than most people ever will. Well done you!

    Now you want to start getting more people linking back to you, building pages that provide value (such as setting up articles that are about things your ideal customers would search for) and continuing to gather reviews and testimonials.

    I need your help!

    Hey! Thanks so much for reading this. If you got value out of it, started to implement yourself or have any other questions please let me know in the comments.