Nathan Resnick – Connecting Business Owners to Manufacturers

Remember the FU suits That Conor McGregor wore?

Well I had a chance to speak to an entrepreneur who capitalised on the buzz surrounding those suits and flexed his manufacturing capability in doing so…

Within a week, Nathan Resnick created, manufactured and started selling replicas of these suits.

Although not his core business which is a company that helps entrepreneurs connect with vetted manufacturers it was definitely a testament to what he can do…

After spending 7 years in China as a foreign exchange student he got excited by the opportunities that building relationships with Chinese manufacturers opened up.

Key Insights:

  1. Hiring the right people, its soo important to have the right people when starting out, especially when creating the culture dynamic
  2. Know your numbers inside out if you can get good ROAS (Return on advertising spend) as an ecommerce owner your business will be in a good position to grow.
  3. Increase margins by reducing souring costs – one business increased their margin by over 300% via the manufacturing connections made through sourcify
  4. Mentors are important, BUT noone is going to do the work for you. They’ll point you in the right direction but you’ll need to put in the hours yourself
  5. You need to have time for yourself, gym an hour a day or doing something active outside. Everyone has different outlets whether it’s reading, writing or whatever it might be for you
  6. Nathan sleeps between 5-6 hours a night, has a consistent but simple diet
  7. Business is growing through content marketing and partnerships with ecommerce platforms and coaches.