Hacking the brain to form habits

It’s somewhat of a paradox how simple we as humans can be when our brains are soo complex.

Take for example the nature of creating habits…

In order to do that one must engage in said activity religiously until it becomes second.

The same applies for becoming ‘talented’.

What from the outsiders perspective may look like it’s being done with ease is often the result of years and years of studious practice.

True ‘experts’ are just that.

Ordinary people, that are well practiced

In writing, sports, any human endeavour this rings true.

But… and here’s the big but in order to get great at anything you must be willing to put in the work.

To stumble

Fall over

Get up again

Cuts n Bruises…

All the stuff no one really wants to know about or talk about

From a neuroscience perspective you’re literally training your brain to operate in a certain way (get neurons to fire in a sequence)

The more often this is done, the better your brain is at repeating this pattern

Hence it seeming natural.

There’s a saying that beautifully sums this up:

“neurons that fire together, wire together.”

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So why am I telling you this?

Two reasons:

1. I didn’t feel creative this morning… (what a load of crap  )

2. If you’re on a journey and find yourself stumbling… don’t give up. Pick yourself up dust off and start those neurons firing again…

Your friend

Jos Aguiar

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